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Thailand Still Struggling with Historic Floods

In July, 2011 Thailand became an official Global Entrepreneurship Week country for the first time. Unfortunately, that same month also marked the beginning of catastrophic flooding that continues to pose a humanitarian crisis four months later.

More than 370 people have died and Thai officials are warning residents in the capital of Bangkok to be vigilant and expect disruptions with electricity and even tap water.

The following note comes from Steve Cheah w the host of GEW/Thailand.


Thailand joined GEW in July 2011 as the 115 member. This being our first year, a GEW / Thailand launch was originally scheduled for 17th November 2011 during the US Trade Fair. The US Trade Fair and the BOI (Board of Investment) Fair were to be the largest trade and investment fairs in Thailand, promoting entrepreneurship. Both these events were expected to attract over 100,000 visitors and participants. Because of the flooding, these and other major activities and events for November and December 2011 in Thailand were cancelled or postponed to 2012. The GEW / Thailand team have posted them on its calendar with a note to indicate the changes.

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