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Our Strategy and Policy Services

We rely on proven succes stories to advise government bodies in designing and implementing policy initiatives in a pragmatic way with buy-in from key stakeholders.


Strategic Studies: We perform foresights and analysis to assist policy makers in the identification of solutions to national and regional challenges.

Feasibility Studies: Assess whether proposed policies and initiatives are achievable while taking into account legal, economic, societal, political and technological factors.

Policy Design: We assist in developing policy and programs with a focus on organizational approaches to implementation.

Impact Assessments: Assess the social, economic, environmental and global impact of future legislative and non-legislative options.

Technical Assistance: We support delivering policy initiatives and achieving its general, specific and operational objectives.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Collect information on the performance of measures during implementation and provide recommendations.

Sustainability Studies: We examine the financial and overall sustainability of long-term intitiatives and policy outputs.

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