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Thailand and Kosovo mark 10 years of diplomatic ties with economic talks

Article from : The Nation Thailand


Thailand and Kosovo have enjoyed a diplomatic relationship for 10 years. In an attempt to further tighten the trade relationship, the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo organised a roundtable discussion between delegates from both countries in Bangkok on Friday morning.

The economic dialogue was joined by Kiat Sittheeamorn, the former president of Thailand Trade, who shared an overview of the king

dom’s investment landscape with Kosovo delegates, while assuring them that, though Thai politics have always been colourful, it would not effect their investment. He told the delegates that there are “lots of opportunity, it’s up to your imagination. We can make business work. It depends on how serious you are”. According to the World Bank’s country profile, Thailand ranked third in protecting minority investors for ease of doing business in a 2020 report, while Kosovo was ranked 12th among countries for doing business according to the World Bank. Several business representatives from various industries flew in from Kosovo for Friday’s event.

Ms. Ulpiana Lama, the head of mission at the Kosovo Embassy in Bangkok, said the roundtable is just the first step. “The second one will be to take Thai businesses to Kosovo to see for themselves and explore opportunities the country has to offer.” Lama said that Kosovo is a young state but very resilient and very flexible. Due to the many trade agreements Kosovo has with member states of the European Union, Kosovo has become a gateway to 600 million people on that continent.

One of the Thai business delegates, Saif Michael Ghanima, the group president of MultiCORE, said that both nations share a lot of common interests, from Arts to Tourism. “Today is a first step in a very long road,” he said. “I believe businessmen could be an envoy for diplomatic relation between nations, easier than having politics starting it.”

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