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Synergy for Global Sustainability & Productivity: Where Business and Diplomacy Converge

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Bangkok, Thailand, August 9th, 2023 - Unfolding at the esteemed United Nations Building, this pivotal half-day dialogue and forum, devoted to the Global Sustainability & Productivity Network (GSPN) initiated by FTPI, marked a resounding success. In a landmark collaboration between the Thailand Productivity Institute (FTPI), the Diplomatic Council CLMTV (DC), and GEN Thailand, the event reached new heights with the distinguished participation of our valued partner, Tusstar Malaysia, as a keynote speaker.

The three organizing Parties Representatives From left: Mr. Suwanchai (President of TPI), Datuk’ Jojie Samuel (Ambassador of Malaysia to Thailand and The board of Director of Diplomatic Council), Dato’ Steve Cheah (Chairman of GEN Thailand)

An impressive statistic underlined the event's significance as a royal family from Malaysia, 25 embassies sent their distinguished representatives, while an astounding 17 ambassadors and Heads of Missions graced the occasion with their presence. This exceptional turnout underscored the cross-disciplinary relevance and global resonance of productivity enhancement.

Ambassadors and Head of Mission from the Embassy of Guatemala, Embassy of India, Bangkok, Embassy of Ireland, Embassy of Italy, Embassy of Japan, Embassy of Malaysia, Embassy of Mexico, Embassy of Nigeria, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Embassy of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo, Embassy of the Republic of Maldives, Embassy of the State of Kuwait, Embassy of Timor-Leste, Embassy of Viet Nam, Kenya Embassy Bangkok, Myanmar Embassy, Spanish Embassy,The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco, The Embassy of The Republic of Cuba,The Embassy of the State of Libya, and His Excellency Tengku Hishammuddin Zaizi.

The Event Facilitator Madam Ulpiana Lama (Chargée d'affaire a.i. Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Bangkok)

Keynote Speaker 1: Dr Somkiat Tangkitvanich - President of the Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI)

Panel discussion 1 moderated by H.E. Mrs. Nongnuth Phetcharatana - Board of President of the Diplomatic Council and former Ambassador of Thailand to Austria and Germany

The GSPN dialogue resonated profoundly, emphasizing the pivotal role of productivity in steering economic growth, innovation, and sustainable development. The event's reverberations extended across ASEAN and global borders, underlining the compelling need to prioritize and elevate productivity for universal prosperity and well-being.

Panel Discussion 1 From right: Mr. Chaiwat (BangChak CEO), Dr. Janekrishna (Executive Vice President, NSTD), Dr. Rolland (Executive Director of the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce), Mr. Michael Hellemen (Senior Austrade Representative)

The dialogue spotlighted strategic resource utilization, revolutionary technological advancements, and streamlined work methodologies, converging to amplify outputs and attain enduring sustainability. The platform facilitated a rich exchange of knowledge, best practices, and triumph tales across diverse sectors, stimulating regional and global cooperation and inspiring the adoption of innovative strategies.

Networking Session

A particularly enlightening facet of the dialogue delved into workforce productivity within Thailand's ASEAN 4.0 era, exploring strategies, technologies, and policies for cultivating a more productive and digitally empowered workplace environment.

Panel Discussion 2: Moderated by - Kanjana Hannon - Vice Dean Sripatum University College

From left : Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto (President of AIT), Dr.Supot (CEO of DGA Thailand), Mr. Suwanchai (President of FTPI), Mr. Stanley Kang (Senior Advisor & Former Chairman of JFCCT)

In the heart of this dynamic dialogue lay Tusstar Malaysia's compelling keynote address, a testament to their profound insights and expertise in driving sustainable productivity. The audience was captivated by their visionary perspective, infusing the event with actionable strategies and a wealth of knowledge.

Keynote speaker 2: Ravenna Chen - Tusstar Malaysia CEO & APAC Director

The event's agenda comprised enlightening keynote speeches, interactive panel discussions, and productive networking sessions. Conversations traversed an array of themes, from the symbiosis of diplomacy and business for inclusive economies to harnessing the transformative potential of AI and robotics in precision agriculture. The dialogue delved into collaborative avenues for realizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through bilateral and multilateral synergies.

GEN Thailand is also honored to collaborate with Tusstar Malaysia, harnessing their invaluable insights and expertise. This partnership magnified the event's objective of fostering dialogue about productivity's role in achieving sustainable development goals. The event effectively raised awareness about productivity's indispensable contribution to economic growth and comprehensive development, showcasing exemplary practices and tailored approaches designed to amplify productivity across diverse sectors and contexts.

From left to right: Mr. Adam Phung (Director of International Partnership of GEN Thailand), Mr. Bunyawat Deerojanawong (Managing Director of GEN Thailand), Dato’ Steve Cheah (Chairmain of GEN Thailand and Head mission of DC), Ms. Ravenna Chen (Tusstar Malaysia CEO and APAC Director) and Mr. Anthony Coles (CEO GreenGold Ventures & Tusstar Australia CEO)

The remarkable organizing team behind for GSPN Dialogue Event- TPI, DC, and GEN Thailand.

About Thailand Productivity Institute (FTPI): The Thailand Productivity Institute (FTPI) is dedicated to promoting productivity improvement in Thailand through research, training, and advisory services. FTPI aims to enhance the country's competitiveness, drive economic growth, and contribute to sustainable development.

About Diplomatic Council (DC): The Diplomatic Council (DC) is a global think tank and diplomatic network with a resolute mission to foster economic cooperation, sustainable development, and cultural exchange worldwide. By effectively connecting governmental and corporate leaders, the DC plays a pivotal role in fostering collaboration and constructive dialogues.

About GEN Thailand (GEN): GEN Thailand, as the local chapter of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, is dedicated to cultivating a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem within Thailand. The organization offers steadfast support to startups and entrepreneurs, delivering access to critical resources, networks, and pathways to facilitate growth and success.

About Tusstar Malaysia: Tusstar Malaysia is an esteemed partner in this venture, contributing their expertise and resources to advance the cause of sustainable productivity. Their collaboration amplifies the event's impact and underscores a shared commitment to driving positive change.

Special thanks to BJC Corp and O'right for supporting us.

Download the Agenda.

GSPN 9Aug23 Agenda
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