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Call for creative startups who have innovative solutions for the digital era! Top 10 will be invited to the Global Digital Transformation Competition in Bangkok!

Who Can Apply

Startups from around the world can submit their new and original business ideas with a strong market potential. The following eligibility criteria need to be fulfilled.

  • Aim to serve causes rising from Digital Community e.g. smart city, e-Governance, eHealth, education, mobility

  • The startup must own the right to the idea

  • External investment should be less than USD 500,000

Online Application

Submit your applicant on the website of Global Entrepreneurship Thailand (—link TBA—). Startups will be evaluated by the international jury based on the following criteria.

  • Originality: creative and new business ideas

  • Creativity: creative competencies are crucial for the success of the business ideas

  • Market potential: the business concepts entail a prosperous market potential

Get Invited to the Competition in Bangkok

The top 10 startups will be invited to represent their business ideas to the international jury at GEC+ Bangkok on the 21st – 24th September 2017. The winners will receive:

  • A cash prize of USD 5,000

  • Seminars on attracting capital

  • Workshops on how to strengthen business skills

  • Networking with other startups and entrepreneurs from around the world

  • Getting the chance to be selected to investor pitches which might lead to investmentsSubmit your application before 31 August 2017! Find more information at — link TBA—

The Competition is Managed by Creative Business Cup

Creative Business Cup (CBC) is the global initiative for entrepreneurship and innovation. The aim of CBC is to support creative and innovative entrepreneurs, connect them with investors and the global markets and strengthen their contribution to the business community and society. Join CBC on 15-16 November in Copenhagen and meet startups and investors from 50+ countries.

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