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During one week in November every year, the world celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit with hopes of inspiring a new generation of young entrepreneurs. Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) brings together millions of people across the globe in 180 countries through online and local activities encouraging them to think innovatively and unleash their ideas.

Join our featured event by ILO (International Labour Organisation) on the 11th November 2021


Virtual Activities
GEW Thailand 8-14 Nov. 2021


Conquer the Future! By the expert speakers. Register yourself and get inspired


The session will lay foundation for Venture Capital (VC) landscape in Thailand. Moreover, the speaker will share key tips for startups to pitch business to VC and case study of 500 TukTuks to help understand VC perspectives.



In this interactive conversation facilitated by Hermes Huang, attendees of the session will share a broad range of perspectives on what inclusion in entrepreneurship means.


From this discussion, participants will expand their own personal understanding of inclusion, and finally, each person will declare a step that they will take to be more inclusive in their own entrepreneurship journey.


In this panel discussion facilitated by Alicia Liu , attendees of the session will learn how to include sustainability in their businesses to drive profit. 


The event is an opportunity for co-creation and engaging in discussions that are of relevance for aspiring as well as existing entrepreneurs, and it is also an opportunity to exchange with experts and other participants on relevant topics. The event is co-hosted by International Labour Organization, We-Can (Women Entrepreneur organization) and Space (Bangkok). Join the session and be inspired


In this interactive session facilitated by Irene Laochasiri, participants will learn about the science behind wellbeing-driven organizational development and craft action items to integrate more wellbeing into your leadership journey.


The population of Vientiane Capital is growing at a pace of up to 6%, while the industrial sector is growing at a rate of up to 12%. However, there are still prominent issues with trash management. According to estimations, the scale of its impact is that of other large Asian cities. The landfill is expected to be full in 4 years, requiring the government to further borrow money in an unsustainable management method to create new landfills. Is there an alternative solution to this? Come and find out


It's easy to get stuck in the busyness of day-to-day business operations, but you must focus on five key areas in order to achieve long-term growth and profitability.


Neglect them, and you'll remain stuck in the whirlwind of constantly working in your business, struggling to get ahead. Join this session and learn simple, no-cost strategies on how to immediately increase sales and profit.


In this session facilitated by Professor Javier Gonzalez Nuñez, participants will learn how to build social ventures from scratch?


13 November 2021, 8-9pm (GMT +7)

It is only good to be the best once everyone knows. Towards, this end we will reveal the hidden techniques of LinkedIn marketing in three steps: 


  1. Get visibility through the right channel 

  2. Achieve reach through quality 

  3. Trigger engagement through relevance


If data is the new gold, then the certified people implementing data protection are the new Fort Knox of the Digital Economy. Let's have a look at at the skills required to pursue a career in data protection as well as the skills required and the value of certifications.

13 November 2021, 9-10pm (GMT +7)

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