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14-20 Nov. 2022

During one week in November every year, the world celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit with hopes of inspiring a new generation of young entrepreneurs. Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) brings together millions of people across the globe in 180 countries through online and local activities encouraging them to think innovatively and unleash their ideas.


Be a part of a global movement to embrace, inspire and encourage entrepreneurship

Join millions of young adults, students, educators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, government officials and others from across Thailand and around the world through grassroots, local, national and global activities. Entrepreneurs can change the world, and through GEW Thailand, we can inspire more young people to choose entrepreneurship.  

Whether you represent an organization or want to take part on your own, there are lots of ways that you can Get Involved. If you have a passion for entrepreneurship and want to celebrate it, become a GEW Thailand Partner or volunteer.  With GEW you have to the opportunity to grow your network; engage your community; impact youth and students and make a difference in Thailand and around the world!

How to get involved in GEW Thailand:

Celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week by gathering friends, colleagues and acquaintances to celebrate with activity or event. It can be as big or as intimate as you like – from gala celebrations to national contests, from an open house to online networking, GEW Thailand programs offer something for everyone. The only rules? Have fun and celebrate entrepreneurship! Contact us or Register event Here!


Join the movement and participate in GEW Thailand events in your community, or take part in one of the many global and national online initiatives. GEW Thailand events and activities offer networking opportunities, educational programs and inspirational messages for all! Check out our event calendar and find out what our partners are doing!

  • Become a GEW Thailand Sponsor 

Help GEW Thailand reach out to all Thais through a financial or in-kind contribution to the program. As a GEW sponsor, you have the opportunity to drive your brand value; engage your employees, members and stakeholder groups; grow your network; reach domestic and global markets and, of course, make a difference! To find out more on how you can contribute to this entrepreneurs community, write to  

  • Join the conversation through social media

Share your story with GEW Thailand, and connect with millions of people across the Kingdom of Thailand and around the world. Follow GEW Thailand and start a discussion on your thoughts on entrepreneurship.


Join GEW Now!


It is easy to be part of GEW. Just tell us about your activities and be part of GEW Thailand. You can contact us at or go to our global website for further instructions.


Our objective is to inspire young people to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and become self-starters and innovators. The economic development today is stimulated and flourished by entrepreneurship. A number of ideas sprout every day but only a few are transformed into businesses.

As a non-profit start-up organization, GEW needs support from you. We would like to gather information about the advantageous events you might have during each year, either seminar or workshop so that we can showcase the entrepreneurial efforts in Thailand to the rest of the world.  We know that we need the young generation to express openness and contribute a lot to future economic growth. You can help us motivate these potential youngsters and contribute to sustaining long-term economic growth.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. In case you have any queries, please contact us.

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